Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chanel Found A Way To Make Their Brad Pitt Ads Even Weirder

Sweetas covered the first Chanel No. 5 ad starring the world's #1 supplier of hair grease, Brad Pitt, and that mess of a commercial made my eyes bleed cheese. Chanel is trying it again and they barfed out their second commercial. It's still Brad Pitt standing in front of the same background you sat in front of during your second grade picture day and he's still saying the words that only make sense to Terrence Malick or community college poets who've taken way too much peyote. But this time, they added random chicks staring out of windows and walking on rivers. THE HELL is all of this? I've never EVER wanted to buy a bottle of Chanel No. 5, but I might now, because it's obvious who ever was in charge of making this wreck freebased that stankness for inspiration and I want to be that buzzed.

Get the full story from  Dlisted

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